January 27, 2013

Paleo Diet, Everything You Need To Know About Paleo

The Paleo way of life

Regardless of whether your goal is to bulk up or cut down, you’ve likely done your research and realized that diet is one of the main components in achieving the physique you want.

One diet that has been in the limelight lately is the paleo diet, either in a book or a magazine no doubt your aware of the diet.

But what dies the paleo diet consist of? Will I see results from switching to Paleo? Ask no more, Breeze Fitness will provide you with everything you need to know about the paleo way of life.

The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet otherwise known as the Paleolithic diet is a fancy name that takes us back to the ancient times where cavemen’s lived.

Since our ancestor’s years many things have changed – cooking processes, modern technology, diet trends. The list goes on… Even a simple trip to the supermarket we are greeted with rows and rows of processed foods to choose from.

Our ancestor’s won’t be happy!

The problem is that with these changed occurring our diets have simply downgraded. The nutrient content of our food have moved further and further away from nature.

That’s where the paleo diet comes in. The paleo diet will see you ditch the processed crap you find in the supermarkets and focus on foods simply put -  come straight from the ground and that come from animals. Simple!

Pro’s with the paleo diet

  • Controlled blood sugar levels
  • Fat loss & increased muscle size
  • Increased energy
  • Lower sodium levels
  • Higher fiber levels

Con’s with the paleo diet

  • Limited availability
  • May get bored

Going Paleo

paleo diet

Core Foods

These are core foods that will be your main food choices when choosing to go paleo:


Protein Vegetables Oil & Fat Herbs & Spices
Tuna Asparagus Coconut Oil Basil
Salmon Beetroot Olive Oil Chives
Tilapia Bell/Sweet Peppers Acacados Cinnamon
Chicken Breast Broccoli Flax Oil Coriander
Turkey Brussel Sprouts Fish Oils Garlic
Duck Cabbage Almonds Lemongrass
Beef Carrots Brazil Nuts Mint
Pork Cauliflower Cashews Mustard
Celery Hazelnuts Pepper
Cucumber Pumpkin Seeds Thyme
Kale Sesame Seeds
Lettuce Sunflower Seeds

Carbohydrates whilst on the paleo diet are often overlooked. But you need carbs for energy right? So why do people often assume that by consuming carbs you will get fat?

Carbs shouldn’t be feared, carbohydrates from toxic sources like grains, legumes and refines sugars should.

See below for the carbohydrates recommended on the paleolithic diet:


Fruits Low GI Fruits High GI Paleo Starches*
Blueberries Bananas Sweet Potatoes
Blackberries Cherries White Potatoes
Strawberries Dates
Apples Grapes
Grapefruit Figs
Cranberries Cantaloupe
*Best for snacks *Best in morning *Best for after workouts

* Note – Opt for sweet potato over white. However, if you are trying to add on some size consume either.

So there you go, I hope you found this useful. Please comment and share.

Happy hunting!


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