October 1, 2012

Isocaloric Diet

I know what you may be thinking! Not another diet, YAWNNNNN!

But honestly this diet is a great way to introduce to your next new plan, it gets you set up for the bodybuilders styles of eating, that is; more frequent meals, food timing, ect.

The isocaloric diet is a diet consisting of equal caloric quantities; 33% Carbs, 33% Protein and 33% fat. This diet when followed right is great in aiding you to loose that stubborn body fat whilst preserving that well earned muscle.

Enough of the chitty chat, Breeze Fitness will be giving you a quick description on why it works, and then you can implement the diet straight away, and get the results I know this diet will give you!

How it works

Diets nowadays are typically low in fat and when restricting calories the carbs are often to low, which in return may be doing you damage (well your muscles anyways) Trust me!  This is because when not enough carbohydrates are consumed, your body has to find other ways to function, which usually results in finding yep you’ve guessed it muscles!

Sorry about that little rant! Worry no more… By reducing carbohydrates and increasing fats, the isocaloric diet allows you to lose weight while minimalizing muscle loss.

Working it out


For example 2000 calories a day guy:

2000 x .33 – 660 calories per macronutrient

660 / 4 = 165g carbs

660 / 4 = 165g protein

660 / 9 = 73g Fats


Pre workout shake

10-20g protein

15-30g carbs

Whey, Apple, BCAA, Glutamine, Creatine

Post workout shake

Protein: Weight in kg x 0.65

Carbs: Weight in kg x 0.45

Whey, Carbs (waxy maize, dextrose. ect), Cinamon (1-2 teaspoons), bcaa, glutamine, creatine

Meal Plan example

Breakfast: Protein + Carbs

Snacks: Protein + Fat

Lunch: Protein + Carbs + Fat

Pre workout: See Above

Post workout: See above

Meal after Workout: Protein + Carbs

Bedtime snack – Protein + Fat – (Try this great tasting smoothie)


  • Whey
  • creatine
  • waxy maize, dextrose ect
  • bcaa
  • glutamine
  • multivitamin
  • omega 3


  • Have majority of your carbs at breakfast and post workout
  • Don’t get too much fats from trans-saturated or saturated fats
  • Keep carbs low at rest of the day (10-40g)
  • High GI Carbs post workout
  • Eat 4-6 meals daily

Well I hope you have been taking notes, after all this diet is a great baseline eating plan and when followed to the “tee” will give you great results. So get growing!

More diets coming soon. Soo stay tuned on our facebook page and twitter page for upcoming posts.

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